24 April 2011

The Girl Wonder | Cape

Happy Easter!

So the last few days have been crazy busy for me. Many hours of baking and sewing. I am exhausted today; I slept in until 9 o'clock. I never do that, 8 o'clock is usually late for me. I would have usually been irritated with myself for staying in bed that long but this morning I did not even care.

The superhero bowling was a success, but I still have yet to post about the cape. Tomorrow or the next day I'll show off the baked goods. They were pretty great.

Onward to the cape! Or, in this case, caplet. It was pretty adorable. I searched around to find a good tutorial and found this one. I liked it because it looked relatively easy and had good directions. This only uses on piece of fabric, but I used two because Robin's cape is black on the outside and yellow on the inside.

I lucked out on the fabric. Again, thrift stores are amazing. I found a large about of this amazing, shiny black fabric for $3.50 and bought a yellow pillowcase for $0.50. Yay!

First things first, and I undid all of the seams from the pillow case. I then pinned it to the black fabric to use as a template, to insure both pieces were the same size.
Once I had those I folded each piece lengthwise then crosswise and pinned all the sides together.

The next step was to mark where I needed to cut. This proved to be more difficult than it should have been because this was the moment I realized that my pieces were not actually perfect squares, just close enough to fool me. I'll be measuring more in the future.

See all of those marks and lines? It was a process. I figured it out and once I cut it out I pinned it to the black fabric, again using it as a template, and cut the second piece. As per the instructions I then cut along a fold on each for the cape opening.

The collar was cut out next and attached to each circle piece, right sides together. I would like to note that the above photo was taken before I realized I had pinned the wrong way. I had to take them all out and re-do it. I have done this so many times in my life it is not even funny. It was then sewn up and then I had two capes. Next step was to attach them. Again, pin right sides together (pinned correctly this time!). This used up all of my pins. Then I sewed it all together.

Now, because it's inside out I left a little hole so I could pull it all through. Once everything was right-side-out I ironed the seams, tucked in the hole, and pinned it. Then I stitched that up... with green thread. I had no black. Oh well. No one sees it.

Now, the button! Sewing buttons and button holes make me feel really accomplished. They're really not terribly difficult, but it's the little things that make me happy. I'm lucky that my sewing machine came with both a button foot (first foot picture) and a buttonhole foot (second foot picture). It makes my life so easy.

Now I have an awesome little cape.

Wow, sorry for the fuzzy picture. I'll post some more later, when the whole costume is in action.



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