26 March 2011

DIY wall art!

Those vinyl stickers are all the rage, right? I know I love them. They always look really neat and they're handy for those who aren't allowed to paint on their walls (or those who don't feel they're good enough to paint on their walls).

I decided the other day that a door in my house was boring and needed a change. I haven't painted anything in a long while so I didn't have any art to hang... so I could make something new. After seeing this picture I was inspired. Also, I loved this from Amazon, but $25.00 for stickers? No. As pretty as they are, no.

Using an old frame that I had and some contact paper I came up with a solution.

This is my door. Super boring, right?

The first step is to put on some good tunes. I chose the Jackson 5 for this project but the options are limitless.
Once the music is going it's time to get going!

  • You will need:
  • Newspaper
  • Old picture frame, glass and back taken out*
  • Paint
  • Dish for paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Contact paper
  • Scissors

*I was fortunate here. I had already dropped the frame and broken the glass days before...

Not pictured: little dish. Forgot I needed one until I opened the paint...
Also, how cute is my little curious helper? She's sweet, huh?

This is the easy part, painting the frame. In fact, it may be even easier if you don't have to do this. I couldn't have a white frame on a white wall, though. Paint and let dry according to the instructions on the bottle.

I did two layers of paint on the frame with an hour in between to dry. It seems like a long time to wait but no worries! Let's cut out our design while we wait.

I used the previously linked stickers as my template and went from there. Be sure to measure out the space on the inside of the frame as how much space you have to draw. For the most part you want it all to fit into the frame.
I drew each bit on the back of the contact paper; facing the opposite way I actually want them to go (these are going to flipped). I then cut them out and organized them a little with the frame to get an idea of how it is going to look.

Having a picture of it also helped later when I went to stick them on the wall.

The next step I didn't get a photo of (got to excited) but it's easy. When the frame is dry hang it where you want to and lightly mark with a pencil where it's going to hang. This way you know where to hang your new stickers!

See the lines? Like that. Once you're done cutting out all those tedious little leaves and sticking them up on the wall you are free to hang up the frame and bask in the glow that is a now fun and interesting door.

It cost less than $6.00 for all my supplies (Michael's always has coupons. Use them.) and I have a ton of contact paper left over for even more wall sticker fun.


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