18 September 2011

More bread! Also, a cake that must've been made in Whoville.

I love taking a baking class. When I don't have the time to bake at home I can feel better about it knowing that I have a whole day each week when I get to bake. Not to mention I have a huge kitchen and all the right tools to bake with.

Here's what my class group and I made the other day:

Banana nut muffins! They were delicious, by the way. All those other baked goods I didn't make, though. They're all made by the students and sold to more students. It's a pretty neat set up because since we're just learning and we're making so many the baked products are sold at very decent prices.

We also sell these for $0.25 a roll. Seriously, one batch made five or six dozen.

So many little rolls. Unfortunately, these did not puff up as much as I would have liked. I'm not sure exactly what happened, I was talking with the chef (teacher) when my group was doing the actual mixing, but there was talk about there not being enough flour. I asked our chef about it and yeup; not enough flour. They didn't have enough to hold together the structure just right. See how I'm learning?

Oh, and speaking of learning. I am having a blast at my cake decorating job! I don't think I've mentioned it here in the blog, but I have two jobs right now and one is decorating ice cream cakes at Baskin Robbins. It's amazing. I pretty much can do what I want on the cakes. I also love it because I can decorate cakes without having to make and eat so much cake. Here's one that I did the other day.

I would very much like to apologize for the quality of this photo; it was taken with my phone. Obviously I had a lot of fun with this cake. I swear I made a classier looking cake later, I just didn't get a picture. I just adored the look of the "paint" streaks in some photos they had and I wanted to give it a try. For a finishing touch I could not resist the little sugar star on a spring. Well, I made it have a spring by wrapping the wire around a pen. It gives it a fun little pop!

Life is good. Really good.


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