11 August 2011

Polka Dot Dress Part One: The Pattern

I'm just going to come right out and say it: I am not good with sewing patterns.

Once, way back in high school, I wanted to sew a corset. Nothing fancy or anything that cinched up like a real corset, just one of those tops that looks like one. I thought "that should be easy." Never mind that I'd never sewn much of anything in my life, that is what I wanted to do! I found a pattern, got some fabric and gave it my all! It was wearable.... once... but not super comfortable. Looking back, I should have started with something easier. Since then, I've had my mother help me with Halloween costumes. No joke.

Most of my sewing, as I've shown here, is re-fashion. The only thing I've made thus far from a pattern that I actually like is an apron. A full sized pink and black plaid apron. I love it to pieces and I should have blogged it. I didn't because I got over excited and forgot to take any pictures. It may turn up in one of my baking posts one day because I do wear it all the time.

Whoops. Digressing there. Patterns intimidate me a bit. Will I ever make something as cute as what's in the picture? Aprons are easy, corsets are do-able, but a dress? Well, I've decided to go for it.

Look! It's even marked "easy" for me. It's like they know...
I bought this pattern for $0.99 when Jo-Ann's was having a sale. No $20 patterns for me, no way. I didn't actually have any fabric when I bought this, nor did I buy some during the sale. Nothing spoke to me that day. I knew the fabric would come when it was ready.

About two weeks later, it did. I was visiting one of my favorite thrift stores (now that I've moved, I need to find some new ones!) and I found the most adorable pink & purple polka dotted sheets. Yes, sheets. I can't remember the exact amount, but I don't think they were more than $2 or $3. It was just too cute and there was certainly enough for a dress.  Like the dress made of curtains in "Enchanted." Except I won't be as regal.

As always with thrift store finds, I ran the fabric through the washing machine and ironed it all out. I've decided to go with pattern "C." That's the red one in the picture if you can't read the label. I think it will look precious with polka-dots.

That's another first up in the top right corner. Fusible interfacing. This pattern is getting intense! This is what I have so far. I've only cut out the main pieces of fabric. I still need to cut out the lining pieces and the interfacing pieces. Once that's done I can start the actual sewing process.

I'm pretty excited about starting this project. If it all works out I'll have actually made something wearable from scratch! I know plenty of people do it all the time, but the only things I make from scratch are edible and don't last long.
I'm older and more patient than I was in high school, so hopefully I'll come out with a dress at the end of this.

Wish me luck!


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