27 June 2011

A Hand-made Cardigan Sweater for my Baby!

It's finished! 
Looking back to when I first began this project, I felt that knitting a sweater, even a little one for a baby, was going to take a long time. Despite the intermittent ‘click-click’ of the needles as I snuck in a few stitches whenever I could throughout my busy days, completing this special project really only took me a month and a half to complete….the first of many things I will create for my baby boy (I hope!).

So, since my last update, I did quite a bit: I finished the two sides, the all-important sleeves, and of course sewed it all up. I confess that I would have finished sooner, but I read the directions wrong and had to pull out half of a sleeve to do it all over again! (Hey, it happens; all part of the knitting process, you know).

One sleeve ended up a slightly crooked once sewn on to the sweater body, but that is what blocking is for! Blocking is easy, but it makes the sweater smell like a wet dog for the night while it dries, yet it essentially straightens out the relative form of the garment. After it was blocked and dried, my husband with his wonderful eye found these fantastic blue buttons that seemed like there were made for this sweater.
I opted to hand-stitch the buttons on, to add that last little ‘made by hand’ touch.

So there you have it. My baby’s first cardigan, made lovingly by hand by mummy! Here in the beginning of summer it’s too big (and too warm) to wear now, but rest assured that as the cool late autumn comes around he will be ready for it and there will be lots of pictures to share when this sweater is put on for the first time!

Thanks again to Stephanie for finding this yarn for me, and thanks as well to me for being awesome enough to want to do this it through to the end!

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